CEPSM offers strategic marketing and communications consulting services developed specifically for governments, non-profits, and associations. We have a strong core team of senior consultants that is supplemented by a world-class network of associates and partner organizations. To facilitate working with Government organizations, please note that CEPSM is listed on the following procurement vehicles:


  1. United Nations Global Marketplace Supplier (UNGM #720235)


  1. PWGSC Supply Arrangement – Communication Marketing Management: EN578-190375/002/CX
  2. ProServices Supply Arrangement:  SA E60ZT-180028/032/ZT
    • Stream 9 – Business Consulting / Change Management (Various Categories)
    • Stream 10 – Project Management Services (Category 10.11 – Communications Consultant)

Brand Strategy

CEPSM has extensive experience developing brand strategies for a variety of government and non-profit organizations. Many organizations tend to confuse branding with merely the visual identity components (e.g. logos and colour schemes), however in reality branding is a crucial strategic tool that can guide decision making and position your organization accordingly within your industry. A key step involves the development of a strong unique value proposition, values, character and overarching vision and mission, which should be genuinely lived-out by the people in your organization across all brand touch points.

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Digital / Social Media Strategy

Our social media / digital strategy development and planning process has helped countless organizations in the public and non-profit sectors to approach the often overwhelming digital space in a strategic manner as opposed to getting caught up in tactics. We can help you set outcome-based goals and objectives to keep your social media initiative focused from the outset. Our unique strategy development approach involves management consultations, collaborative planning sessions, and advanced social network and data analysis techniques for more informed decision making.

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Marketing and Communications Strategy

Using a collaborative, step-by-step consulting approach, we work with our clients to develop action-oriented strategic marketing and communications plans that can be implemented within the unique constraints of a public sector or non-profit environment. We have worked with countless organizations, large and small, across nearly every major industry to create both customized, high-level marketing plans and comprehensive strategic marketing solutions. We'd love to help you to achieve your marketing and communications goals more efficiently and effectively.

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Partnership and Sponsorship Strategy

Through our partnership planning service, we assist our public sector and non-profit clients in identifying and selecting the right corporate partners and developing collaborative agreements that focus on value and results. We also bring together over 25 years’ experience in corporate partnering to deliver sound, practical advice and tools that take the guesswork out of sponsorships. Core to our service offerings is the SponsorWISE Valuation Service, a sophisticated process and tool for measuring the tangible and intangible value of a partnering arrangement.

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Revenue Generation

Our cost recovery and revenue generation service helps our public sector and not-for-profit clients take a more strategic approach towards developing financially sustainable operations by examining your organization’s marketable assets and providing practical advice on how you can be successful in a highly competitive marketplace. This offering is highly popular among associations and non-profit organizations that rely primarily on membership dues.

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Social Marketing for Attitude and Behaviour Change

Social marketing (not to be confused with “social media marketing”) is a unique process that applies marketing principles and techniques to create, communicate, and deliver value in order to influence target audience behaviours that benefit society. Using our tremendous national and international expertise in this area, we will develop a complete social marketing strategy and implementation plan for you, with an aim to influence not only knowledge and beliefs, but audience behaviour as well. We cover all areas of social marketing including, health, environment, ethics, public safety and security, and a multitude of social issues dealing with children, youth, seniors and at risk populations.

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