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Proudly established in 2005, the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing (CEPSM) is a specialized management consulting and training firm devoted to helping governments, nonprofits, and associations with the unique challenges they face in their strategic marketing and communications initiatives. We are based in Ottawa, Canada; however, our work stretches across five continents and hundreds of organizations. Our core functions are consulting, training and speaking. We are also the past producers of Canada’s MARCOM Annual Conference and the founders of the Professional Certificate in Public Sector and Non-Profit Marketing, which we ran in partnership with the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University for over a decade.

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Our Mission

To advance the disciplines of strategic marketing and communications in the nonprofit and public sectors.

Our Mantra

Strategy before tactics.

Mike has presented twice to executive-level and management-level groups here at Infoway. He is a dynamic, personable and engaging speaker who thinks on his feet to build a presentation that he takes the time and trouble to customize so that it’s relevant to his audience. He even took a survey of our groups here prior to the presentations, to get a sense of pain points, interests, etc. He is very knowledgeable about social media in Canada, particularly for non-profit and government organizations. He combines background knowledge with some hands-on examples if that’s what’s indicated. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Nicole Filiatrault
Marketing, Communications, and Media Executive

CMG Canada (now CEPSM) has provided Exhibit Management / Coordination and Personnel Services to the Government of Canada Exhibitions Program, via Standing Offer, over the past five years. Claire Mills, Senior Project Manager and Kyla Copp, Project Manager have consistently demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and flexibility. They have supervised many activities, and have provided leadership to their staff working at the Canada Pavilion and other GCEP events. We sincerely appreciate the efficient and constructive manner in which the company conducts its business.

Denise Collins
Director, Government of Canada Exhibitions Program Public Works and Government Services Canada

You will never find a person as professional, fast with responses, cooperative, clear, nice to work with, solution-oriented, efficient and agreeable as Claire Mills. I have worked closely with Claire for the past two years and my rapport with CMG (now CEPSM) would never be the same if it wasn’t for Claire making things so easy and pleasant. I simply wanted to share this with you because I feel it’s important and extremely worth taking the time to let you know.

Marie-Josee Drolet
A/Program Leader, Government of Canada Exhibitions Program

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that the session with Mike, Strategic Social Media Engagement for Government Organizations, was simply outstanding. While I have mentioned it to him, I wanted to let you know that he has given much for me and the CPC to consider moving forward. There is a lot we need to do, however, I feel we are much better positioned having had this session with Mike and having benefitted from his guidance. I thank him immensely for his understanding, passion and … just knowledge!

Doris Mirella
Communications Strategist, Canadian Police College, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

I really appreciate the expertise and insights you shared on how United Way Toronto and York Region can refine its approach to managing sponsorships in a changing philanthropic sector. Thank you and best wishes for 2017!

Daniele Zanotti
President & CEO, United Way Toronto & York Region

Thank you for providing Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership (OTMPC) with a tailored session on Designing and Selling Your Sponsorship Program. The information will provide OTMPC with the tools and resources to assist us in planning and delivering a sponsorship program for the organization. It also afforded us the opportunity to come together as a group to proactively address issues and seek solutions specifically related to Ontario Tourism. It will assist us with taking an organized approach towards sponsorships as a revenue generator.

Narvin Singh
Partnership Director, Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership

I had the fortune of attending two sessions that Mike presented: one was at a Social Media Workshop at MARCOM and the other was a presentation he gave during a course I was taking (Professional Certificate for Public Sector and Non Profit Marketing). While I was skeptical at first, Mike not only opened a whole new dimension to communications but he also reinforced the importance of strategy and planning. He is motivating and his presentations are of enormous value. Thank you Mike!

Doris Mirella
Communications Strategist, Criminal Intelligence Service Canada

Mike made a presentation to the InterComm Network (the most mature community of practice in the Canadian federal government) on the the use of social media in government internal communications. He has a thorough knowledge of his topic and presents it in a creative and easy-to-follow manner. He is a polished speaker, with an obvious passion for his chosen field. He has a real flair for adding humour and visual interest to his presentations. I would highly recommend Mike as a speaker or workshop leader on the topic of marketing and social media. Thanks, Mike. Well done!!

Gloria Sauve
Founder, The InterComm Network

Mike knows what he’s talking about and is very passionate and knowledgeable about his field. In his 2 day Gov 2.0 workshop in Singapore he opened up our understanding of the vast power behind social media and humbled many participants who thought that they are experts, but in fact not fully tapping onto vast potential of web 2.0

Benedict Bing Howe Chia
Senior HRD Consultant at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore

Introduction to Social Marketing Planning for Attitude and Behaviour Change Workshop 2017 – Jim Mintz facilitator

This workshop provided me with the skills, tools and resources to create a gold star social marketing campaign! I would recommend it to everyone.

Susannah Maxcy
The Retired Teachers of Ontario

Great to have a teacher who marries the worlds of social media, social/behaviour change marketing, and the public sector.

Matthew Rae
Senior Analyst, External Stakeholder Management, Bank of Canada

This was an innovative session, helping us explore some of the challenges we face and how we can take a different perspective on our role. We also had the opportunity to think about our own behaviour and preferred styles, including where we may need to flex our default approach to get better results.

Housing Association

This was my first time attending the MARCOM Conference. I’ve learned a lot in this workshop and highly recommend this conference to all public servants looking to improve their social media engagement.

This was awesome! Everything you wanted to (and should) know about social, but were afraid to ask. As an older millennial, I am often in a perpetual state of panic about getting left behind as far as social media is concerned. This course brought me from perplexed to inspired. Thanks!!

Mike delivered an excellent workshop. He is knowledgeable and the content was current and relevant. This is one of the most interesting and useful workshops I’ve attended in years! Thank you!

Attendee at MARCOM Annual Conference 2017
1-Day Strategic Social Media Engagement delivered by Mike Kujawski

The first training session I have taken that included more than expected and fully delivered to meet the needs of participants.

Valerie Ladouceur
Senior Communications Advisor, National Research Council of Canada

Mike provided a fantastic presentation to our Canadian Marketing Association Ottawa chapter on social media marketing. He explained things in easy to understand language, how it applies to us. Everyone was very pleased with his presentation

Robert Powney
President CMA Ottawa

Mike was clear, articulate, interesting, and really conveyed a sound knowledge of the subject matter. Individuals have approached me and sent me emails with high praise for Mike and the session and the volume and quality information that they were able to take away from it. This is my second session with Mike and I am continually impressed with his knowledge and how he keeps up with all of the latest trends and information all the while maintaining the importance of the human contact.

Susan Butson-Lewis
Senior Manager, Business Development, Ontario Ministry of Revenue

Mike is the guru of all things digital but absolutely not an aloof expert. He is extremely passionate and so truly believes in what he teaches that he not only imparts knowledge but motivates you to succeed. He’s been a great inspiration to me as I’ve gone from social media newbie to having the ability to implement a full social media plan for my association in just six months. Mike has led me every step of the way and has never been too busy to offer assistance and advice. He is a fabulous teacher and a terrific resource.

Angie D’Aoust
Director of Communications, Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists

First and foremost, thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us. I am sure that it was just the tip of the iceberg of what you could have brought to the session. I can honestly say that I’ve learned a tremendous amount of information and still have much more to explore in the social media world. It’s been a real eye-opener for me. Your training will help enrich my knowledge and put me on the right track to become more efficient with the tools provided.

Guylaine Mallet
Regional Advisor, External Communications, Réseau de santé Vitalité

Bernie provided cutting edge tools along with impressive and comprehensive material. Topics learned have practical applications. As an Event Coordinator, I will be able to apply the newly acquired skill sets to enhance my sponsorship programs with proven and positive return. Highly Recommended!

Kathleen Dunn
Tourism and Events Coordinator, City of Hamilton

Mike doesn’t just help you dip your toes into the vast ocean of valuable information on the Web – he makes you want to jump in, play around and get as involved as possible to get the best ROI for your time and efforts. His simple approach to demystifying digital trends walks you through the best way to set yourself up to use the Web to your advantage, personally and professionally. My takeaways: information, tools, hints and inspiration. Thanks, Mike!

Tresa Labaj
Change Agent, Work in Progress

Bernie clearly knows the business and understands sponsorship in a marketing public sector Canadian context.

Rachel Duplisea
Coordinator Partnerships and Events, Canadian Museum of Civilization

The best workshop I have ever been to at a conference.


In today’s changing and competitive world it is imperative to be up on the top of your game. Bernie’s professional knowledge and passion for the sponsorship industry guide you on a path to success.

Wayne Long
Event Development Officer, Economic Development and Tourism Charlottetown

I recently attended a Strategic Social Media Engagement for Governments session and was blown away! Mike knows his stuff and imparts it in an effective, passionate, interesting and soap box free manner. Not only will I be able to use what I learned here at work but it will be invaluable in my volunteer life as well. AWESOME!

Sean Dionne
Senior Program Specialist, Business Development, Ontario Ministry of Revenue

This is the second CEPSM workshop I have attended. The material has been clear and easy to put into play, as a result I am more confident and efficient at work.

Frances Wdowczyk
Executive Director, The Student Life Education Company

Jim is extremely knowledgeable. He delivered a great workshop and I would definitely take the time out of my busy schedule to attend a two-day elaborate version of it. The tools will be great to have!

Jen Jershy
Windsor-Essex Health Unit

Part board game, part simulation and a whole lot of fun, this is a great learning experience … those who want to develop their strategic business skills should start here.

Marketing Director

Bernie conducts an outstanding workshop. He brings his vast knowledge of revenue generation into an easily accessible learning experience, splendid with some nice humour. Workshop was worth every penny! Thanks Bernie!

Taru Virkamaki
Manager, Member Services, Ontario Community Support Association

Mike provided a fantastic presentation to our federal-provincial-territorial working group on social media marketing. He explained things in easy-to-understand language, how it applies to us in the government and tailored it to our program. Everyone said he was the best part about our two day workshop

Sarah-Lee Richardson
Senior Advisor, Outreach at Human Resources and Social Development Canada

The strategy development and results tracking components in Jim’s Workshop were great! I really enjoyed it the course!

Leann Burton
World Wildlife Fund

Since contracting your services to assist the Western Fair Association we are pleased to report we have been using the knowledge gained and valuation tools on a regular basis. Your assessment gave us the knowledge and confidence in our rates in the Southwestern Ontario marketplace. Additionally, the valuation tools allow us to create new opportunities and value them in a consistent manner with the same confidence so that any sponsorship can be fully justified or explained to potential sponsors. I would recommend your services to other companies/businesses and if the need was there, contract your services again.

Kris Dinel
Sales and Marketing Manager, Western Fair Association

Mike is extremely passionate and so truly believes in what he teaches that he not only imparts knowledge but motivates you to succeed. He’s been a great inspiration to me as I’ve gone from SM newbie to having the ability to implement a full social media plan for my association in just six months. Mike has led me every step of the way and has never been too busy to offer assistance and advice. He is a fabulous teacher and a terrific resource.

Angie D'Aoust
Director of Communications at CASLPA

I have heard Mike speak on Web 2.0 and social networking twice now at the arm chair discussions from the Canada School of Public Service. Both times he was highly motivating and very informative – and I know a lot about these subject areas. He made his presentations extremely relevant to the Public Service and provided excellent examples of current uses. I would recommend his services in this area without hesitation.

Bruce Forrester
Senior Staff Officer, Department of Defence

Introduction to Social Marketing Planning for Attitude and Behaviour Change Workshop 2017 – Jim Mintz facilitator

Thank you so much for sending these resources. I look forward to putting our current strategy through your process, and then once that has been completed – reviewing it with you in the 2-hour session! Thank you again for all of your enthusiasm and expertise. People like you make this field so worthwhile and exciting.

Kathryn Arnold
Health Promotion Facilitator II, Early Childhood, Alberta Health Services

It made us think about what is right and challenged us to think about organizational politics and maneuvering.

Communication Manager


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