Alex Babaris is a data analyst who works to help clients obtain insights into open-source data. Alex used to work supporting private clients in the former Soviet Union by providing insight and analysis to support their corporate work. In the digital space, Alex works with both data and people. He supports clients’ understanding of data through open-source research and social network analysis. Alex uses open-source tools and codes in Python to acquire and process data to help clients find answers to their questions. He has been working in the field of open-source research since 2013. As an associate consultant with the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing (CEPSM), Alex has provided data acquisition and analysis to inform the strategic rollout of major national and regional communications initiatives. Alex received his Bachelor’s degree in history from Trent University and a Master’s degree in history from Carleton University’s Institute for Russian and East/Central European Studies (EURUS) and is a fluent Russian speaker. Alex has previously worked at Nexalogy, a big-data and analytics firm based in Montreal, and ran his own company EdgeWeight. He is currently a data analyst with Global Affairs Canada.

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