MARCOM Annual Forum Call for Speakers

As Director of MARCOM Annual Forum, it’s always an exciting time to go out to marketing and communications professionals who are “in the trenches” and working in this fast-paced field.

MARCOM Annual Forum is the place we congregate annually to share our future vision, what works, what we learned and we have the opportunity to connect face-to-face with fellow practitioners.

We’re on the hunt again to make MARCOM 2016 unforgettable.

We are looking for passionate, capable speakers to deliver sessions, mini-workshops and workshops that allow attendees to walk away with actionable education. We are looking for early adopters and innovators who can inspire us with what’s new, what’s coming and how participants can broaden their competencies in an ever-changing and increasingly complex environment.

All too often, marketing is considered a staff function. In reality it is part of everyone’s role in an organization and should be communicated and understood by all employees and stakeholders representing that brand to make the rest of the marketing equation possible and worth pursuing. Unfortunately, this Internal Marketing effort is often the most neglected.

Theme: Build Your Marketing from the CORE – Internal, External, Interactive emphasizes that marketing success comes from great execution. It comes from well informed, highly skilled and adequately prepared employees. We tend to spend most of our time on external marketing in setting the promise, finding all the places and ways to tell our story and get our message out. Equally and more than ever our time is spent in the Interactive phase, where we finally engage with the end-user and our services are tested. The effectiveness relates back to our original internal marketing efforts and whether our employees deliver the promises made by our external marketing efforts. We begin to appreciate how holistic the discipline of marketing is.

MARCOM will help you build your marketing from the core to enable, set and deliver your promise through 1, 2 or 3 days of interactive keynotes, mini-workshops, intensive workshops and peer-2-peer roundtables.

Content will focus in 3 areas:

  1. Internal Marketing “Enable the Promise” by setting up a foundation for success.

What do you do internally to ensure every member of your organization is appropriately equipped to execute your strategy? How do you re-position your employees as internal customers to ensure they understand the mission, vision and brand promise and want to deliver on that promise? What tools, skills development and infrastructure support do you provide so they need to easily and efficiently deliver the services of your organization? This is the CORE and foundation of marketing success.

  1. External Marketing Phase Set the Promise” by creating a strong external framework.

How do you communicate your service, program offering and its benefits to the end user through advertising, social channels, your website? How do you leverage technology, partnerships, and online communities to cut through the clutter?

  1. Interactive Marketing PhaseDeliver the Promise” by connecting through strategic interactions.

How easy is it for people to find you, understand what you do, contact you, engage with you? What’s it like when they find you? How to you ensure you keep the promises made by your external marketing efforts? How to you measure satisfaction and understand what’s working?

Deadline: November 27, 2015 [submissions will be reviewed upon receipt and deadline will be extended until program content is complete – earlier the better!] Please share #marcomforum

Apply to Speak Now (PDF version)

Apply to Speak Now (Word version)

If you want to chat about your ideas, I’m always here, so email or call me 613-230-6424 ext 118.

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