Good Planning Leads to Great Results

Recently, I conducted a webinar in conjunction with the Ottawa Sport Council to over 100 registered attendees from sports organizations from across the country on Taking a More Strategic Approach to Sponsorship. The webinar focused on how better preparation before you go out seeking sponsors will save you time and effort, as well as make you look more professional and ultimately generate better results.  The Ottawa Sport Council has posted a recording of the entire webinar which anyone can view by clicking here.

This webinar provides a sample of what you will learn in my two-day Designing and Selling Your Sponsorship Program Workshop, which for the past ten years, has trained hundreds of not-for-profit and municipal organizations in the A-Z process of developing their own sponsorship programs. The Workbook we provide guides you through the process and you walk away with a framework for a sponsorship plan that is ready to implement back at the office.  The next workshop will be held December 9-10 in Ottawa.

If you are new to the sponsorship world, this workshop makes you look organized and professional; and if you are a veteran to the sponsorship environment, it makes you look at your current program from a different perspective and gives you new ideas on how to grow your revenue.

Enjoy the webinar!

Later, BC

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