Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders Business Simulation Program

CEPSM, along with our training partner, Archetypical, is pleased to bring you this exciting half-day online simulation program designed to help your communications, marketing and human resources teams advance from technical experts to trusted strategic advisers within their organizations. We feel that this program is perfectly aligned with CEPSM’s mission of advancing the discipline of strategic marketing and communications in the non-profit and public sectors.

Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders® was designed by UK-based Archetypical Ltd. to offer learning experiences that help people reflect, grow and improve their impact through gamification.  Delivered live online, this immersive experience bridges the ambiguity between theory and practice. Gamification provides teams a chance to debate key organizational issues and reflect on real-life strategic scenarios through different perspectives in a safe gameplay environment. The program is licensed to the UK Government Communications Service for use as part of their training across the UK Government and is academically accredited by two leading British universities. It has also been delivered for professional associations in the UK, US, Canada and Singapore, at conferences and as part of professional development programs.

Goal of the program
To explore the strategic thinking skills and actions needed to be recognized as a trusted adviser. Using role-play, teams navigate a series of increasingly complex scenarios to make strategic decisions for the benefit of a large, fictional multi-national organization.

What you will do

  • Debate key organizational issues and reflect on strategic challenges through different perspectives
  • Explore real-life organizational dilemmas
  • Test your ability to react under pressure

What you will learn

  • How making a strategic impact requires thinking beyond your functional role
  • Skills and strategic approaches to dealing with stakeholders
  • How to improve personal and team performance
  • The different types of advisory styles and how you can work better with others
  • What actions help demonstrate your strategic value to senior leaders
  • Examples of when you might take risks and stretch outside your comfort zone

What will you take away?

  • You will gain a fresh perspective of what it means to be a business leader, get insights into your own behaviour, experience a taste of consensus-building under pressure and how you can help your team grow within your organization’s unique culture.
  • Each participant receives practical tools to reflect on their personal advisory style and how to apply insights to collaborate with others.

Who is this for?

Early to mid-career professionals in the communications, marketing, public relations, or human resources fields who want to strengthen their strategic advisory skills and build confidence for engaging with senior leaders. Seasoned professionals or those in career transition may benefit from this as a fun, strategic-thinking refresher.


Delivered synchronously online using our standard three-hour gameplay or ask us about a customized experience designed to meet your learning objectives.

What people have said about Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders:

  • “The best workshop I have ever been to at a conference.” -eBay
  • “Part board game, part simulation and a whole lot of fun, this is a great learning experience … those who want to develop their strategic business skills should start here.” –Marketing Director
  • “It made us think about what is right and challenged us to think about organizational politics and maneuvering.” –Communication Manager
  • “This was an innovative session, helping us explore some of the challenges we face and how we can take a different perspective on our role. We also had the opportunity to think about our own behaviour and preferred styles, including where we may need to flex our default approach to get better results.”  –Housing Association

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Instructor Information

  • Sharon Hunter

    Sharon Hunter

    Sharon Hunter is an independent strategic communications consultant and professional facilitator with more than 25 years of experience across the private, public and non-profit sectors. She has extensive non-profit association… Read full bio


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