Compilation of Social Marketing Evidence of Effectiveness

I thought my audience involved with social marketing would be interested in the following list of key evidence citations for Social Marketing (behaviour change) which was compiled with the Support of the International Social Marketing Association (ISMA) and all its affiliated national and regional associations around the world. (e.g Social Marketing Association of North America -SMANA) . This list ( see attachment of file below) was compiled by asking leading Social Marketing experts from the fields of academia, policy and practice, to recommend evidence citations that they have found most persuasive and helpful. Descriptive and qualitative studies of social marketing practice have not been included, but some of the reviews do comment on the utility of applying social marketing principles and concepts. To keep the review manageable, reviews and meta-reviews of individual intervention elements of social marketing, such as communication campaigns, have not been included. A full list of those who contributed to this paper is included in the review.

The review does not represent a systematic review or a narrative synthesis of all available relevant citation, rather it is intended to act as a starting point for such reviews.  It is intended to also act as a quick reference guide for those interested in further investigating the state of the evidence base of Social Marketing. It is anticipated that this review will be updated on a regular basis and I will keep the readers of my blog updated when new material becomes available.

The citations given in the compilation are organized under the following categories:

  1. Generic published peer-reviewed papers
  2. Topic / issue / intervention type specific published peer-reviewed papers
  3. Generic policy papers and good practice reviews / guidance documents
  4. Books, book chapters and websites that include examples of effective and efficient case studies

Here is the full report: Final List of Key Social Marketing Evidence of Effectiveness citations Nov 2018_wde 1

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