BC Health Adapts CEPSM Social Marketing Workbook for British Columbia

In September 2014, I had the opportunity to work with the British Columbia Ministry of Health’s Population and Public Health Division to co-host social marketing sessions in Vancouver and Victoria to explore shared strategic approaches for social marketing and engagement across health promotion and disease/injury prevention partners in British Columbia.

We also conducted train the trainer one-day workshops with social marketers across BC using our CEPSM Social Marketing Planning Workbook

I wrote a blog last year after I completed the first phase of my work with the British Columbia (BC) Ministry of Health’s  Population and Public health Division

We are very pleased to announce that an adapted version of our CEPSM Social Marketing Planning Workbook is now the official workbook of the Healthy Families BC program . The work book which is titled Public Health Social Marketing in BC has been adapted for the province of BC and includes changes to some of the examples from our workbook to refer to some campaigns that have been conducted in BC.

In addition, one of our recommendations was to develop a broader, collaborative community of practice to engage all health promotion/disease prevention marketing partners throughout BC – government, health authority and non-government.

As a result in 2015 BC Health formed the Social Marketing Working Group (SMWG) with each of the health authority health promotion reps which has been great for sharing resources and collaborating on health promotion projects.

The newly adapted workbook will be made available to members of the Social Marketing Working Group . The working group comprises of the following groups

  • Health promotion marketing leads for each of the five regional health authorities in BC,
  • First Nations Health Authority
  • Provincial Health Services Authority (including BC Centre for Disease Control).
  • HealthLinkBC and
  • BC Government Communications and Public Engagement group (the Province’s central communications unit).

The workbook will be used by SMWG members to develop social marketing strategies for their specific initiatives as well as social marketing training within their agencies.

The Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing (CEPSM) is delighted to make this contribution to social marketing in British Columbia and hope that other provinces, territories, municipalities , non profit organizations and other countries will work with CEPSM to develop their version of our social marketing workbook.

If you are interested in talking to us about our adapting our work book for your jurisdiction or organization please contact me : jimmintz@cepsm.ca or call me at 613 230 6424 ext 223

We also give public workshops and private tailored workshops in social marketing (in-house or at our facilities), and private coaching and mentoring services.

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