Mike Kujawski

Mike Kujawski is the Managing Partner of the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing (CEPSM) Inc., where for the past 15 years he has acted as a senior consultant, trainer and professional speaker for major government, non-profit, and association clients in Canada and around the globe. Mike’s specialty areas include strategic marketing and communications, social marketing (behaviour change), digital/social media strategy development, brand strategy development, social network analysis, infodemiology, open-source intelligence and market research. His specific niche involves helping public sector and non-profit organizations excel in the modern disruptive digital landscape by combining strategic social marketing planning with modern research techniques and a proven management consulting process. Mike is frequently asked to speak at major conferences and events covering a variety of topics ranging from the latest public sector marketing trends and behaviour change approaches to the evolution of digital/social media culture and how it continues to transform our lives.

Mike’s consulting, training, and speaking stretches across four continents and has involved a variety of industries ranging from health and education to justice and the environment. The scope of his work also includes organizational restructuring, governance, risk management, as well as staffing and policy recommendations to help organizations better embrace an audience-centric mindset. Some of Mike’s consulting clients include Public Safety Canada, Elections Canada, Office of the Auditor-General, Treasury Board Secretariat, Health Canada, Justice Canada, Lakehead District School Board, the Government of Kazakhstan, the Government of Tanzania, and the Government of Sharjah, UAE. As a trainer, Mike has delivered public and in-house marketing training workshops across Canada and internationally to thousands of public servants and non-profit workers. His workbooks have been translated into six languages to date. He co-developed and instructed the Professional Certificate in Public Sector Marketing Program at Carleton University as well as the Social Media Engagement Certificate at Brandon University, both geared specifically at the public and non-profit sectors. Mike holds a B.Com. (Hon) degree specializing in Marketing and International Business as well as various supplementary certifications related to strategic communications, data analytics, and the digital space. He actively volunteers on various Boards and community organizations, is an avid reader, and a committed life-long learner.