Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders Business Simulation (Workshop – June 22, 2021)

CEPSM, along with our training partner, Archetypical, is pleased to bring you this public version of our exciting half-day online simulation program designed to help communications, marketing and human resources professionals advance from technical experts to trusted strategic advisers within their organizations. Overview Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders® was designed by UK-based Archetypical Ltd. to offer […] Learn more

Introduction to Social Marketing Planning for Attitude and Behaviour Change (Workshop – October 15, 2021)

Special Note Regarding COVID-19 After careful consideration, we have decided to continue delivering this workshop online via Zoom Pro. We plan to re-introduce the in-person version in early 2022 (providing public health guidelines allow it).  All October 15, 2021 registrants will receive a password-protected Zoom link as the date approaches. Registrants will also be provided […] Learn more

Strategic Social Media Engagement for Public Sector and Non-Profit Organizations (Workshop – September 8-9, 2021)

Special Note Regarding COVID-19: You can register with peace of mind! If Ottawa Public Health restrictions do not permit physically distanced small groups of eight (max) in September 2021 then this workshop will be offered online (via Zoom Pro) over the course of the same time period (with regular breaks away from the screen). Alternatively, […] Learn more

CEPSM Strategic Social Media Engagement for Public Sector and Non-Profit Organizations Workbook

The Strategic Social Media Engagement Planning Workbook is  designed specifically for public sector and non-profit organizations. Learn more

CEPSM Social Marketing (Behaviour Change) Planning Workbook

This workbook is designed to provide you with an end-to-end planning tool that lays the groundwork for a successful social marketing program. Learn more