Introduction to Survey Research for Public Sector and Non-Profit Organizations (Workshop – February 24, 2022)

Survey Research 101

We are pleased to offer a brand-new workshop on survey research for public sector and non-profit professionals, the first such workshop to be offered in Canada.


This one-day training workshop is designed to introduce public sector organizations/staff to the basic principles and practical understanding required to conduct effective survey research, whether in-house or through commissioned work. Survey research can be used for a range of uses, including surveys of employees and stakeholders, program evaluation, surveys of the general public or targeted segments of it, market research, and as a key tool for social marketing (behaviour change).  The course will be delivered by CEPSM Associate & Principal at KNeuman Survey Insights, Keith Neuman, one of Canada’s most accomplished survey research professionals with over 30 years of experience across the public, private and non-profit sectors.

What you will learn

  • An introduction to survey research, including a brief history, the broad range of applications, and its unique strengths and value.
  • What you need to know when conducting surveys, including defining the audience, designing the right questions, choosing how best to administer the survey, understanding results and how to report them.
  • An essential understanding of how to approach, design and manage survey research projects within your organization.
  • A practical toolbox of concepts, tips and resources covering all aspects of survey research, from initial scoping to selecting how to collect the data to final reporting.
  • How to decide when this type of research is right for you, including aligning with your organizational goals, determining feasibility, and whether to conduct in-house or contract out.
  • How to select the right research supplier (if contracting out) and ensure you are getting what you are paying for.
  • How survey research concepts and methods can be applied to your own current and future projects.

What you will take away

  • PDF copy of the workshop slides and/or workbook
  • Official CEPSM Workshop Certificate of Completion
  • An electronic Uber Eats gift card that can be used to order lunch from your favourite local restaurant

Who this is for

Public and non-profit sector professionals involved in marketing, communications, research/evaluation, public relations or human resources who want to increase their knowledge of effective survey research.


This course will be delivered online via Zoom Pro over the course of one day. Lunch will be provided via Uber Eats electronic gift cards.

Price: $695.00

Price: $695.00

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Instructor Information

  • Keith Neuman

    Keith Neuman is one of Canada’s most accomplished survey research professionals, with an extensive background and skill set spanning a broad range of topics and applications, including public opinion surveys,… Read full bio

Session Information

8:45AM - 4:30PM

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