Introduction to Social Marketing Planning for Attitude and Behaviour Change (Workshop – May 7, 2021)

Special Note Regarding COVID-19

You can register with peace of mind! If Ottawa Public Health restrictions do not permit physically distanced small groups of eight (max) in May 2021 then this workshop will be offered online on the same day in two 3-hour blocks. Alternatively, participants can opt to get a full refund or secure a spot for the next scheduled in-person workshop date.

Why Should You Attend?

It is a well-known fact that awareness alone does not lead people to change their attitudes or behaviours. If you want to move your communications or marketing efforts beyond public education/awareness and into the realm of action-oriented behaviour change then this introductory social marketing workshop is designed for you. Social Marketing seeks to develop and integrate marketing concepts with other approaches to influence behaviours that benefit individuals and communities for the greater social good.

This workshop will take you through the A-Z of key social marketing concepts based on the latest research from both academia and social marketing practitioners in the field. Our Social Marketing Workbook (included) will guide you through the process of creating your own customized social marketing action plan for your initiative. This workshop has been designed for public sector and non-profit professionals involved in developing communications, marketing and outreach strategies. It will be very relevant to those responsible for efforts focused on influencing attitudes and behaviours to improve health, prevent injuries, protect the environment, prepare citizens for emergencies, and a multitude of today’s critical issues. Recent case studies and examples will be provided (including lessons learned from COVID-19). This workshop will also be of interest to those who are simply looking to level up their skills in strategic marketing and communications planning based on an established research-driven field guided by both International and Regional Social Marketing Associations.

What Will You Learn?

By attending this workshop, you will save countless hours of planning time and learn proven techniques for launching a successful initiative to change attitudes and behaviours. You will learn:

  • How to use a step-by-step structured approach to prepare a social marketing plan that is actionable, realistic, and leads to successful implementation;
  • How to set up your goals and manage expectations based on research
  • How to break down your desired behaviour change “product” into actual, augmented and core components
  • How to influence social norms
  • How to segment audiences based on established behaviour change models and frameworks
  • How to identify competing behaviours
  • How to monitor and evaluate your initiative based on knowledge, belief and behaviour objectives
  • How a unified social marketing approach can help you mobilize communities; influence the media; activate key stakeholders, and build strategic alliances with key influencers.



Price: $695.00

Price: $695.00

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Instructor Information

  • Mike Kujawski

    Mike Kujawski is the Managing Partner of the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing (CEPSM) Inc., where for the past 15 years he has acted as a senior consultant,… Read full bio

Session Information

8:45AM - 4:30PM
343 Preston Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada

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