CEPSM Social Marketing (Behaviour Change) Planning Workbook

This workbook provides users with an end-to-end planning tool that lays the groundwork for a successful social marketing program to change attitudes and behaviours. This content is the result of CEPSM’s extensive direct experience in the social marketing behaviour change arena, consulting for and/or training hundreds of organizations in Canada and around the globe.  The workbook is meant to help public sector and non-profit organizations involved in marketing, communications, public awareness/education and outreach.

It will be very relevant to those responsible for influencing attitudes and behaviours to improve health, prevent injuries and diseases, protect the environment, prepare citizens for emergencies, transition to environmentally friendly transportation, and a multitude of today’s critical issues.

The workbook guides users through the process of creating a customized strategic social marketing plan for their organization that will increase the chances of a successful implementation.

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Alternatively, you can register on our Training Page to attend an upcoming Introduction to Social Marketing Planning for Attitude and Behaviour Change Workshop where we offer the workbook as part of the course.

Price: $99.00

Price: $99.00

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