Mike Kujawski

In addition to his training and consulting work, Mike Kujawski is an active professional speaker on the topics of digital / social media, marketing, communications, and the global impact of disruptive technology on individuals, organizations, and society. His core focus and passion is helping public sector and nonprofit organizations reap the benefits of the modern digital landscape by undertaking a strategic approach to the space as opposed to one that is merely tactical in nature. Of particular interest to him, are the broader cultural-anthropological changes taking place thanks to these channels. Over the last decade, he has been invited to speak at hundreds of conferences, panels, and events all around the globe. Here are two of Mike Kujawski’s most popular speaking topics, which he frequently updates to reflect the rapid changes taking place in this space.

1. Harnessing the Global Power of the Modern Digital Landscape

Mike will be discussing the strategic importance of the modern digital landscape. Participants will be provided with a high-level, engaging overview of what the main macro trends are in this space (as opposed to fads) and why understanding and adapting to them is crucial. Mike’s presentation will help you realize that social media engagement needs to be incorporated into the fabric and philosophy of your entire organization at a strategic level, beyond merely tools and tactics. Some of the points Mike will be covering include:

  • Latest definitions of social web terms, beyond the buzzwords
  • Latest statistics and actual trends taking place in Canada and around the world
  • Recent developments specific to social algorithms, video, mobile and cloud computing
  • Impact of artificial intelligence, augmented reality and internet of things
  • Digital footprint management (organizational and individual)
  • Overview of how to take a strategic approach to social media engagement

2. Managing your Personal Digital Footprint

Unless you’ve been hiding in a remote cave for the last few years, you’re likely aware that our personal and professional lives are no longer separable, whether we like it or not. The common statement “you are whoever Google says you are” has now become an eerie reality thanks to the digitization of our lives. Our social media profiles and activity on these channels are being either observed or mined and analyzed by colleagues, family, friends and various 3rd party service provided every day. What’s worse, one slip up can unleash the social media vigilante mob (a modern form of public shaming) and ruin your digital footprint forever. So what’s to be done? Is there any hope left for privacy? Mike Kujawski will be taking you through some best practices and steps that will help you leverage and take back some control of this new, very public reality of our lives.

Other Recent Custom Speaking Topics

Mike is frequently asked to provide custom speaking services in addition to his most popular topics. Here is a sample of some recent ones, many of which can be adapted to address a non-government audience if need be:

  • Getting your message across in an era of misinformation
  • How to identify bots and minimize fake news from influencing your audience
  • Hot to conduct online investigations using open source social media intelligence tools
  • How to develop a data-driven social media engagement strategy in an era of fake news and misinformation
  • Developing an effective social media strategy in 2018
  • Social network analysis 101 for government organizations
  • Transforming government service delivery through bots and AI
  • The impact of AI on government from a marketing perspective
  • The future of marketing in the coming era of blockchain technology
  • Top 5 marketing and communications trends that are about to transform how government interacts with citizens

For booking and/or general inquiries please contact Mike directly at 613.491.1348