Mike Kujawski – Speaking

In addition to his international consulting and training work, Mike Kujawski is an active professional keynote and session speaker on the topics of digital / social media trends, strategic marketing, communications, branding, and the global impact of disruptive technology on individuals, organizations, and society. His core focus is in helping public sector and non-profit organizations reap the benefits of the modern digital landscape by undertaking a strategic approach to the space, as opposed to one that is merely tactical. His high-energy talks cover both the incredible opportunities out there for organizations as well as the very real new challenges that have emerged. Over the past decade, Mike has been invited to speak at hundreds of conferences, senior management retreats, and annual general meetings across 4 continents. His most popular speaking topic is provided below. It can be further customized to client needs.

Harnessing the Power of the Modern Disruptive Digital / Social Media Landscape

Typical length: 60-90 minutes

In this highly engaging overview talk, Mike will be discussing the profound transformation that the digital channel continues to go through and how this is impacting communication, marketing and service delivery efforts in the public sector. Mike will be going over the latest digital marketing trends along with the opportunities and threats they pose to both individuals and organizations. This presentation will help audiences see the value in taking more of a strategic approach towards the way they communicate and deliver services online. Key learning objectives for this talk include:

  • The latest global and country-specific internet, mobile and social media usage statistics
  • Moving past the hyperbole and understanding how online user behaviour and citizen expectations have evolved
  • The top digital trends and rapidly advancing technology that you need to prepare for now
  • Tips for communicating effectively in a digital landscape full of disinformation
  • Embracing free public data and using it to generate actionable communication insights
  • The power of micro-influencers and niche communities in an overcrowded online world

For booking and/or general inquiries (including custom topic requests) please contact Mike Kujawski directly