Jim Mintz – Speaking

Jim Mintz is an active professional speaker whose passion is to improve the practice of marketing and communications in the public and non-profit sectors. Of particular interest to him is the use of social marketing to change people’s behaviours for social good as well as brand strategy development.  Over the past thirty years, he has been invited to speak at hundreds of conferences, panels and events across Canada, USA, Europe, Australia and Africa. Here are two of Jim’s most popular speaking topics:

Move Beyond Awareness – It’s Time for Social Marketing

“Awareness, awareness, awareness”, are you getting tired of hearing that word? Would you like to move to something more substantial like changing people’s attitudes and behaviours? Many public sector and non-profit organizations want to move from public education to actual behaviour change, where a social marketing approach can play a powerful role. Jim’s presentation will focus on the following:

  • Role of social marketing in public sector and non-profit marketing
  • Key attributes of social marketing and why it is important
  • How social marketing can play a key role in helping to change attitudes and behaviour of your target audiences.
  • How social marketing gives you a single approach: for mobilizing communities; influencing the media; activating key stakeholders; and building strategic alliances with business.

Branding…the Most Important Component of a Marketing and Communications Strategy

The major challenge facing public sector and non-profit organizations today is they have great difficulty getting their message out. More importantly, many can’t seem to get their messages to resonate with their diverse target audiences and stakeholders. Most communication and marketing approaches generate some awareness but not much else.  Public sector organizations today are looking for approaches that move to something more substantial like motivating people to get engaged and take action. Many organizations are very focused on tactics, but very few have strategic marketing and or communications plans to guide all of their activities. They tend to be reactive rather than proactive. Without a branding framework to guide their communications strategy, even the best communications or marketing tactics often fail. Branding is much more than a visual identity or a tagline; it’s a core business tool, a strategic platform for both communicating and building value among your audiences. Jim’s presentation will focus on the following:

  • What is branding and why it is important for public sector and non-profit marketers?
  • What are the benefits and positive impacts of branding?
  • How branding can improve your marketing and communications plans and strategies

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