2-Day Workshop – Strategic Social Media Engagement for Government Organizations (March 5-6, 2019)

Goal of the Workshop To provide practical guidance and a strategic framework for anyone that has been tasked with the development of a social media strategy for their public sector organization or initiative. Overview The modern era of social media and subsequent democratization of content has had a major impact on how public sector institutions communicate and engage with […] Learn more

1-Day Workshop – Introduction to Social Marketing Planning for Attitude and Behaviour Change (Feb 26, 2019)

Why Should You Attend? Awareness.  Are you getting tired of hearing that word? If you want to move your marketing efforts beyond merely public education and awareness campaigns and into the realm of action-oriented behaviour change then this workshop is for you. It is a well known fact that awareness alone does not lead people to change their attitudes […] Learn more

2-Day Workshop – Strategic Social Media Engagement for Government Organizations (Nov 29-30, 2018) – SOLD OUT

*Please note that this workshop is now SOLD OUT (i.e. at max capacity). We invite you to register for the next available date, which is currently set for March 5-6, 2019. Alternatively, if you would like this workshop delivered at your location, please call us at 343.291.1131 or send an email directly to Mike Kujawski […] Learn more

Marketing 101 for Marketers and Non-Marketers Workbook

This Marketing 101 workbook will provide you with an overview of public sector and nonprofit marketing and highlight the importance of market research to support a decision-making framework. Included will be the exploration of the strategic elements of a marketing plan and how to transform organizations from using the traditional communications approach to an integrated, strategic marketing approach. We will also look at branding which is an integral component in designing the marketing mix. Learn more

Festival and Event Strategic Marketing Plan and Workbook

This CEPSM Festival and Event Strategic Marketing Plan and Workbook could completely change the way you think about your festival or event! Learn more